Thursday, November 29, 2007

The Orb!

What an interesting evening this has turned out to be! On my way home from class tonight I called my mother and her best friend as I often do as I make my drive. We made plans for the weekend and caught up on life. I was talking to Wanda as I pulled into my driveway and spotted something hanging from the porch down onto my porch below. I could not believe that someone had placed on of those TACKY flashing Christmas orbs at my house--making it look like I was responsible. Mind you I'm still on the phone with Wanda, describing the tackiness in all its glory to her. After getting off the phone with her I go upstairs to find out the funny ladies involvement (the orb is plugged in to the house upstairs). Both funny ladies proclaim their innocence and even go so far as to come out on the porch and look at it with me. Wondering if they have anything to do with it I call the only other culprit I mother. As my mom picks up the phone I ask her if she knows anything about the tacky orb hanging from my porch. She immediately starts laughing and continues to fill me in on the history of the orb. I find out that she and Wanda are both in on it and are now looking to place it in other people's yards. Needless to say I am laughing quite a bit at all that has gone on. Before I get off the phone with her she asks me to call the number found on the ball. I go out and get the number off the ball (realizing its Wanda's other cell phone) and call it. I receive an automated message "Hi, You've called the International Christmas ball foundation, if you are calling for repairs or reorders please press one, if you are calling to figure out why you have the ball and what to do with it please leave your name and number and we will return your call". At this point I am laughing like CRAZY!!! This is the point when Milner decides to clear her conscience and admits that they were also involved in this plot.

Overall it was a good laugh shared by all! I thought I would leave you for the evening with my attempts to photograph the orb. **Note: These pictures do not do it justice!**

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