Wednesday, October 15, 2008

one week down, one more to go!

Today is National Pregnancy and and Infant Loss Day. Take a moment to pray for all of the families that this impacts.

On a lighter note:
Today will be my last real shot to get my paper written. I will also be packing for the Chrysalis weekend and trying to get as much school stuff completed as possible. Keep me in your prayers friends. One week left until my crazy to do list must be completed! I am already beginning to feel the load lighten! Hopefully I can keep plugging along and get all of my work wrapped up. Back to work!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

two weeks

In two weeks I can breathe, relax, feel somewhat back to normal....or at least as normal as my life can get right now. Two weeks from now I will have finished my thesis (for better or worse), been head logistics on a Chrysalis Journey, put together report cards for my kids at school, completed parent-teacher conferences, gone to a bridal show only to get the $1500 free gift package, had a workshop at school, worked the fall festival and mega parties at school, been visited by the worlds most wonderful Turners, and anything else that the good Lord feels like throwing my way.
I am to say the least feeling overwhelmed. I have made lists on top of lists. Learned that I can live on little to no sleep without completely killing anyone, although I am sure I am not the world's most pleasant person to be around right now.
I am learning that my wants and desires are not what is facing me most on my to do list right now. I am struggling with how to deal with that.

For the most part I am venting. There really is nothing anyone can do for me right now except to pray. Pray that first that all of this pushes me into the loving and supportive arms of my loving God. Pray that not only do I finish this and feel the glorious thrills of completion but that somehow throughout all of it that God is magnified.

Two weeks...

Monday, October 6, 2008

Wonderful weekend in Winston!

My car can just about drive itself down to Winston without my help now. I have driven down there so many times since April. I am fortunate enough to have two very wonderful reasons to make the frequent trips. My sweet soon to be fam--the Gieses and my amazingly wonderful sister Abby!
This past weekend Aaron and I were able to split our weekend enjoying time with both the Gieses and Abby. We drove down Friday night to spend some time with our adorable nephew while his parents went out for the evening. It was wonderful to see all of the amazing ways in which he has grown and also to be able to allow Sean and Christal to go out and enjoy each other. Saturday we spent a bit more time with all of them before going to hang out with Abby and her new fella at the fair.

What a great kid!

Our evening Saturday night was filled with many firsts. First time meeting the leading man in Abby's life, Aaron's first time at the fair, etc. From the very beginning things just seemed to fit between the four of us. We walked around the fair, eating our way from place to place. Our evening at the fair was complete with exhibits, pig races and of course fair food! Needless to say we threw our point counting out the window that night! Overall the evening was wonderful and filled with great food, friends, and fun!

I greatly enjoyed getting to meet Abby's new guy and was more than excited to see how much he adores her. I look forward to many more opportunities to hang out with the two of them. I love you sister and am so excited for you!