Monday, April 21, 2008

almost there!

I have almost made it through the month long absence of my sweet boyfriend!! I am looking forward to so many things (hugs, snuggles, kisses, smelling him :), etc). And all of those things are just in the short term. I am very much looking forward to watching Aaron meet and hold his nephew on Saturday. I can't wait in fact!!
I am very grateful and blessed to have such wonderful friends and family. Each of you have played a part in sustaining me throughout this month and even more importantly through these past few years. I am so thankful that God has blessed my life in such amazing ways.

I would love to share more insights into my life but my bed is screaming my name!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

its good to be home

We arrived back home tonight after our lovely beach trip. As we were coming up the road and the mountains became visible I was once again amazed and comforted by the mountains God has placed all around me. How blessed I am to live in such a beautiful place!! How can life be anything but wonderful with such beauty surrounding you?
Don't get me wrong, my life here in these mountains is not all roses and sunny days. But it does help to have visible reminders of the love God has for me.
After some of the things I have felt this week it was nice to feel welcomed home. I am glad to be home, sleeping in my own bed, getting the opportunity to see friends again, getting caught up (maybe even ahead) on some school work, etc.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

beach trip

I set off on this beach trip with mixed emotions. I was excited about my new nephew, glad to finally have a couple of days to unwind/relax, and anxious about what all of this down time was going to do to my emotions. I knew that I had intentionally been very busy over the past several weeks. And while it was tiring at times it was also comforting to know that I was not a miserable wreck while Aaron was in Russia (to be honest I have been quite proud of myself in how well I've held up). I knew that while this beach trip would be nice, and free! it would also have LOTS of down time, even the alone times that I almost dreaded. I knew that if my mind was allowed to wonder and long for all that I could not have that I would become a very depressed individual. At the same time however I was trying to be optimistic and look forward to being able to read for pleasure, get my paper for grad school out of the way, play some Scrabble, walk along the beach, swim, etc.
Once I arrived I thought hey, this might not be so bad. We checked into our condo and then went right back out to eat. I went to bed that night reading and was able to sleep all the way through the night (only the second time since Aaron left). Sleeping in every day has also been very very wonderful. I have finished two books for pleasure and also spent many hours working on a special gift for my new nephew.
After several days of being down here I felt a nagging at my heart. I knew I needed to be working on my paper and my thesis project, after all we have had free Internet the entire time. Somehow I could not bring myself to be motivated to do anything that I should be doing. I wanted to lay around and be a bum. I couldn't bring myself to call any of the people I knew I should be or even wanted to. Even with others around I felt very lonely and withdrawn. My heart began to ache and the sadness started to seep in. Even now as I type this I know that I have not fully been able to climb out of the funk I found myself slipping into.
Please don't get me wrong. I am very grateful for this trip. Grateful for the rest and fellowship it has brought me. Glad that I was finally given the opportunity to do several things that I have been longing to do for some time. The weather has been nice, cool but still very pretty. And most importantly grateful and blessed for the opportunity to have at least one more trip with my grandmother.
I am somewhat disappointed in myself for not getting my schoolwork done, knowing the pressures that will leave me with when I return home. I am also frustrated with myself for falling into this funky emotional pit.
While I am sad that I have to return to the "real" world tomorrow I am also looking forward to the changes and productive busyness that it brings me.
Just to show you that the trip has not been all bad here are some pictures of our trip.

Gorgeous sunset on the way to dinner Saturday night!

The view from our condo!

Quick pic on the lower battery in Charleston

Friday, April 11, 2008

Welcoming the newest Giese...

I was blessed with the opportunity to take the day off and drive down to Winston to meet the newest member of the family. I had a wonderful drive down and arrived in time to see both sets of grandparents before they went off to rest for a bit. After some time in the newborn nursery Cooper made his grand appearance into the room. Sean and Christal allowed me the wonderful and awesome blessing of holding their new blessing as well as to taking some great photos. As I held him I was reminded of all of God's wonder and majesty. I spent time rocking him and praising God. I also was able to spend some time praying for Cooper and his wonderful parents! I was amazed at how alert and content he is. While his parents rested I was able to hold Cooper and marvel over him. He truly is fearfully and wonderfully made!

Here are a few pictures of my adorable nephew!!

off to see baby giese!!

I am off to meet my new niece or nephew! Say prayers for safe travels and a safe delivery!
Thank you God for all of our many blessings:)

Monday, April 7, 2008

oh how I love him

Aaron rocks my socks off!!!

I could go on but I will spare those few of you who care enough about my life to read this little blog. I was blessed with the opportunity to talk to him again tonight!! Oh how I love him!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, April 6, 2008


I will try to refrain from hassling any of you about not updating your blogs since I have not been the world's best about updating mine lately. That being said here are a few updates on what's been happening lately.

Aaron left for Russia on Friday, March 28th. Sad day.
Fortunately for me, I have a wonderful and loving God who is watching out for me and my needs. He knows that I need lots of loving and distractions to get myself through this month without my love. I have spent many days with Brandon, Jennifer and their girls as well as many calls/visits from my family. Some people have even come out of the woodwork so to speak and have offered their assistance. The surprising thing to me is that I have not really been dependent on all of this extra emotional support. I do not deal well with not being able to see and/or talk to my love and this trip is no exception. However I have done ok so far. I have only cried once (his birthday). He also brought the Turner kiddos up to help distract me this week!

I was blessed by a wonderful and unexpected phone call from Aaron yesterday. I was glad more than anything to hear his voice and also to hear that he has been doing well and having fun. I miss him SO very much!!!!

Other notes:
**This is my last week of teaching until Spring Break! Wahoo!!
**The Turner kiddos are up for the week! Hooray for some cool kiddo fun!
**Sometime soon God is gonna rock this world with a new Giese!