Thursday, November 29, 2007

The Orb!

What an interesting evening this has turned out to be! On my way home from class tonight I called my mother and her best friend as I often do as I make my drive. We made plans for the weekend and caught up on life. I was talking to Wanda as I pulled into my driveway and spotted something hanging from the porch down onto my porch below. I could not believe that someone had placed on of those TACKY flashing Christmas orbs at my house--making it look like I was responsible. Mind you I'm still on the phone with Wanda, describing the tackiness in all its glory to her. After getting off the phone with her I go upstairs to find out the funny ladies involvement (the orb is plugged in to the house upstairs). Both funny ladies proclaim their innocence and even go so far as to come out on the porch and look at it with me. Wondering if they have anything to do with it I call the only other culprit I mother. As my mom picks up the phone I ask her if she knows anything about the tacky orb hanging from my porch. She immediately starts laughing and continues to fill me in on the history of the orb. I find out that she and Wanda are both in on it and are now looking to place it in other people's yards. Needless to say I am laughing quite a bit at all that has gone on. Before I get off the phone with her she asks me to call the number found on the ball. I go out and get the number off the ball (realizing its Wanda's other cell phone) and call it. I receive an automated message "Hi, You've called the International Christmas ball foundation, if you are calling for repairs or reorders please press one, if you are calling to figure out why you have the ball and what to do with it please leave your name and number and we will return your call". At this point I am laughing like CRAZY!!! This is the point when Milner decides to clear her conscience and admits that they were also involved in this plot.

Overall it was a good laugh shared by all! I thought I would leave you for the evening with my attempts to photograph the orb. **Note: These pictures do not do it justice!**

Monday, November 26, 2007


Well despite the fact that I have done nothing since I came home but take a nap I am procrasinating more by blogging instead of facing my lesson plans. I feel badly about my slacker blogging habits. There are so many times that I think about adding something to my blog but seem to be distracted by life.
Quick recap:
Thanksgiving break was wonderful!! School was out on Tuesday and I started my cooking and preperations for turkey day. For five hours on Wednesday I blew leaves at Grandmother's house. Once I was finished with leaves at her house I went and raked leaves at Milner's for a bit. Justin came over later that evening and I spent the rest of the evening playing with him and fixing the broccoli casserole. Thursday was a Thanksgiving blur--3 meals to the max. It was great to get a chance to spend time with nearly all of our families though. Aaron and I stayed that night with his parents. On Friday all of the week's antics hit my body and I slept til 11:15. After some more time with his family we made a few pitstops and then headed over to my parents house. The weekend was spent playing games with my family and Aaron. Saturday we went with Zach and Chelsea to Asheville to hang out at Fun Depot. We wrapped up the weekend with a great day at church.
While the break was very busy it was also very fun. :)

ok...well I guess I have put off my work long enough

Sunday, November 18, 2007

moving day

After many long months of waiting and hoping today was finally the day where I was able to move my sweet kitty into my apartment. I have not had my cat living with me since I left my parents house to go to college. Although today has been a dramatic change for my kitty I am hoping that she will soon adjust and enjoy this new change. Bob has not lived anywhere but my parents really since she was born. So the change from their house to mine is a big one.

So far the move looked a little like this:

*scooped cat up into my arms and began the walk down the driveway

*struggled to hold onto the very scared kitty (the dog was running around my ankles, dad was loading wood into the truck, and the cat had never had any such outing in all her days....all of this leading to a very scared kitty)

*got dad to open the door and let me into the car

*bob bounced all over the car before settling down to ride in the floor in the back

*called grandmother to unlock the apartment so that I would not scare the kitty by having to stop and open up the door before putting her down inside

*placed the cat down inside the apartment where she proceeded to run and hide underneath the bed

Since all of this excitement she has come out from under the bed a few times to check out the new place. I managed to get her into the living room for awhile and she seemed very troubled with hearing the funny ladies upstairs. After some coaxing and pulling I did manage to get her out of one of her many hiding places and into my lap for awhile. While I was really loving the time and snuggles from my kitty I knew that I had to get some work done. I tried putting her on the couch and getting my work done. Once I got up however she decided to go back into hiding and is currently under the couch. Oh well! Hopefully during the next couple of days she will chill out some and adjust to this move.
Here's a quick pic of my sweet (but spooked) kitty!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007


My overall feeling right now is ehh. Nothing is great and nothing is wrong. For once in a good while I am not feeling overly stressed about all that is going on in my life. I'm beginning to wonder if I should be more stressed about the Thanksgiving program my kids are supposed to be giving next week. The kids in my class hardly know their own lines much less the songs. Yet for some reason I'm not that worried. I feel in a way as if I am simply biding time until the weekend and ultimately until Thanksgiving. I look forward to spending time with my family and friends. I am anxious to see people I rarely get to see as well as to simply have time off. I have NUMEROUS plans of things I want to get done over my break but yet know that somehow very little of it will be accomplished. I guess time will tell...
On other notes...
I had a great time talking to my dad tonight. I forget how much I miss hanging out with him and how much I cherish our times together. He came over after work tonight so that he could check my car out and see if it is safe for me to drive (there were some concerns over a leaking/busted heater coil). We rode around for awhile and talked about nearly everything. After he finished we stood around and talked for a bit longer. It was really fun!

on a side note..........does anyone read these ramblings from my mind?

Thursday, November 8, 2007


Although this week has not been as stressful as some of those in weeks past it has still been a very busy week! For some reason this week has been a blur. It is almost as if I have simply been going through the motions. Things in my classroom have been going ok...nothing fantastic but yet not horrible. I am looking forward to this weekend and the chance to relax and get caught up. I have a few simple plans but yet know that I will have the opportunity to sleep, get lesson plans done, etc. The extent to which this excites me humors me and yet puzzles me. I wonder why it is that I have seemed so tired lately. Is it the time change? My current hectic lifestyle? or something else? Ah the ponderings of a tired teacher.
On another note, I am looking forward to Thanksgiving! Spending time with family and friends and Aaron!!! Life could not get any better:)
Well class is just about over so I guess I need to go. Later friends!

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Ok,so I really dont know if anyone reads this but I figured I would post anyways. Things have been a bit crazy in my world. (What's new right?) Well anyways, I am going to keep this short because I'm exhausted. Life at school has been VERY busy--more to come on that later. Today was Grandmother's birthday. I cannot even begin to tell yall how blessed I am to have her in my life. I could spend hours talking about all that she means to me. It means more than words could express to be able to celebrate another year with her. We had a great night out on the town celebrating her birthday!
ok...I cant take it any longer. I have to go to bed. Life's starting to blur together. night!

Thursday, November 1, 2007


I am at a very uncomfortable place right now. For the past few days I have had a headache nearly ALL day! Not to be a whiner but I am over it! Despite the fact that I have had a ton to do this week I have had great trouble in getting anything done because I just have not felt well. I would not go as far to say that I have felt horrible or been layed up worthless all week but I have been unable to get a lot of work done. But alas, by the grace of God I have made it to Thursday evening and can see a very dim light at the other end of the tunnel. If I was smart this weekend would be full of rest and relaxation. Simply looking ahead it does not look like that will be the case however. Saturday will probably be spent hanging out with Aaron's mom and parts of my family. That leaves Friday night and Sunday to get my lesson plans and grad school homework done. Hopefully somewhere some how I will get some good R and R in somewhere.
Well for now I am off so that I can drive home and crash into my bed---leaving tomorrow's worries for tomorrow!
night all