Wednesday, February 15, 2012

long time no "see"

So I never really followed through with my goal to get more up here about little man's birthday.  Life just goes by too quickly.  Since I last posted we made it through the end of the year holidays/birthdays and then headed down to Florida for Zach's wedding and family vacation.  The wedding was wonderful and we had a blast hanging out with everyone for the week.  It was even more fun that several days at Disney were included.

Another major reason for my not posting for a long while now is our newest blessing.  We found out right before Christmas that we will be adding a second child to our family!  This pregnancy has been very different from my first in many ways.  The biggest way being a nearly constant state of nausea that stayed with me for about a month.  After some help from the doctor and a bit of time I am now starting to feel better and able to get back to a bit more of my life.  It is hard to believe that we are already 11 weeks along and almost to the second trimester already! 

Jeremiah continues to amaze us.  He is such a joy.  Lately it seems he learns something new almost every day.  He loves music and going to kindermusik.  He also continues to love reading and his stacking cups--he can stack and nest them all on his own now.  As a part of toddlerhood we are dealing with our own mix of fits as he expresses his opinions over not getting to have/do what he wants.  Thankfully these are not constant and his laughter/joy continues to make up the majority of his personality. 

No pictures this time but hopefully soon?