Thursday, May 22, 2008


I dont have much time or energy left after the past few days. I would appreciate prayers on a few things right now.
*My sweet grandmother who yet once again is in the hospital.
*My thesis
*The end of the school year---there's so much to do in such a little bit of time
*Safe travels for Aaron as he comes up here for a whole week!!

Thanks to all! I will hopefully have more time to post soon.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

beautiful day!

I slept in a little bit today (not as late as I could have b/c I was stressin a bit). After waking up I went upstairs to check on the funny ladies and then came back downstairs to piddle around the apartment. Not too long after I hear this very pitiful crylike call come from Grandmother. It took me a second to track her down and after finding her on my front porch I went out to check what she needed. While all she said she wanted was a trash bag and some water for her plants I could tell that something was just not quite right. She seemed very down in the dumps and just not herself. My thoughts were confirmed when she broke down crying. I quickly hopped off the phone and got dressed so I could go out and help her. I ended up in the yard for several hours raking up leaves, twigs, and oak tree off the driveway, sweeping both porches, and cleaning out the flower bed next to the stairs. Grandmother was so funny because she would talk to me about how I didnt need to spend my Saturday doing yard work for her, but then she'd turn right around and say how wonderful it was to have me around.
I will say that I am tired now. But it feels good to know that I've helped and made her smile. She has done so very much for me in my life and it was not too hard for me to give up a couple of hours on a Saturday to return the favor. I know that this is the time that God has given me with her and I do not want to take that for granted.

Just heard a crash upstairs......better get off of here and go see whats up.

Monday, May 12, 2008

a quick sleepy update

Please be in prayer friends for my allergies right now. My head feels as if it is swimming. The pressure is unreal. I wish I could take the day off tomorrow to rest up and get ready but my assistant's daughter is having fairly major surgery tomorrow and I don't feel that both of us can be out right now. At least not as unprepared for a sub as I currently am.

On other notes. I greatly appreciate the prayers of all for this past weekend. We had a good weekend with safe travels. It was wonderful to be able to celebrate Sean's graduation and spend time with everyone. I also had a wonderful Mother's Day with my own mother and grandmothers. Sometimes God just blesses my socks off. I wish I had great photos from Mother's day, but I was starting to struggle with my allergies at that point and was just not motivated. (Sorry this is so head really is not on right tonight).

And what would a post be without a few pictures of my adorable nephew.

He holds a piece of my heart!

Such a beautiful family!

Christal, Sean, and Cooper

Brothers (and Cooper!)

Sunday, May 4, 2008


Here are a few pictures of my last two weekends. More proof that I am blessed.

What a proud uncle!
What an amazing miracle...

"Aunt" Rachel and Uncle Aaron lovin him up

Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Garber


Overall the weekend turned out much better than previously anticipated. We went down to the wedding and had a fairly good time considering all of the family drama (a lot of which we managed to avoid). As we were riding back up the mountain this afternoon I couldn't help but wish there was more of the weekend left. I felt like yet again I had my weekend robbed from me. I had no time for myself or the things I wanted to do. I know that the world is not always going to work out my way and that things are not always going to be easy. For quite some time now I have been avoiding my thesis project and everything that that involves. That plan felt good at first, I was even able to convince myself that it was what was best for me for the time. Now that my school year is quickly coming to a close I am feeling the stress hanging over me on a daily basis. Those around me have indicated they are seeing the strain in me as well. I do not want to be stressed. I want to have the joy that knowing Christ brings. As a friend of mine was praying for me this afternoon I realized that I needed to seek God and ask him to bring my focus and commitment to this program back. I am hoping throughout this week to regain my relationship with God and my focus towards my graduate program.

I am looking forward to a great many things in my life right now. I want so very badly to be finished with this graduate program, finished with this school year, for Aaron to be living up here, and yes, to get married. In all of the searching I did today I realized (God's been whispering it for awhile) that I needed to allow those things to happen in their own time and refocus on the things I can take care of right now. I need to take care of this thesis, my grandmother, my kiddos at school, etc. I was also reminded of all of the wonderful blessings I am surrounded by everyday. The things that I dont ask for but He provides b/c He loves me. Friends that call me and notice when I'm not myself....beautiful sunny afternoons....mountains...smiles from my adorable cousin...a wonderful nephew I am allowed to love (even though i'm "technically" not his aunt yet) amazing boyfriend...a clean car thats mine...etc etc etc. I could go on and on but I'd be here for awhile.

I am blessed...despite all of my trials...I am blessed

Thursday, May 1, 2008

a pictureless update

Since I am at school I cannot post the pictures of the latest events in my world. Hopefully I will get a chance to post them soon.

The past few weeks have been full of many changes. Aaron arrived back in the country safely without many problems :). This past weekend I was able to see him and love on him. It was so wonderful to have my love back!! The only major problem was the weekend was too short! We were blessed with a wonderful visit down to Winston so that Aaron could meet his nephew. I will post pictures soon I promise.
As far as work goes I have not been very motivated to do ANYTHING in the past few days. I am not sure why I seem to have lost all motivation but I hope something returns soon. Since I have a feeling this thesis is not going to complete itself any and all prayers in this area would be appreciated.
This upcoming weekend should be interesting to say the least. Most of my family will be heading down to Charlotte to see one of my cousins get married. Normally I don't dread weddings...this one because of family dynamics and drama is an exception. In fact NONE of us want to go. Again, prayers would be appreciated.