Monday, November 26, 2007


Well despite the fact that I have done nothing since I came home but take a nap I am procrasinating more by blogging instead of facing my lesson plans. I feel badly about my slacker blogging habits. There are so many times that I think about adding something to my blog but seem to be distracted by life.
Quick recap:
Thanksgiving break was wonderful!! School was out on Tuesday and I started my cooking and preperations for turkey day. For five hours on Wednesday I blew leaves at Grandmother's house. Once I was finished with leaves at her house I went and raked leaves at Milner's for a bit. Justin came over later that evening and I spent the rest of the evening playing with him and fixing the broccoli casserole. Thursday was a Thanksgiving blur--3 meals to the max. It was great to get a chance to spend time with nearly all of our families though. Aaron and I stayed that night with his parents. On Friday all of the week's antics hit my body and I slept til 11:15. After some more time with his family we made a few pitstops and then headed over to my parents house. The weekend was spent playing games with my family and Aaron. Saturday we went with Zach and Chelsea to Asheville to hang out at Fun Depot. We wrapped up the weekend with a great day at church.
While the break was very busy it was also very fun. :)

ok...well I guess I have put off my work long enough

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