Sunday, November 18, 2007

moving day

After many long months of waiting and hoping today was finally the day where I was able to move my sweet kitty into my apartment. I have not had my cat living with me since I left my parents house to go to college. Although today has been a dramatic change for my kitty I am hoping that she will soon adjust and enjoy this new change. Bob has not lived anywhere but my parents really since she was born. So the change from their house to mine is a big one.

So far the move looked a little like this:

*scooped cat up into my arms and began the walk down the driveway

*struggled to hold onto the very scared kitty (the dog was running around my ankles, dad was loading wood into the truck, and the cat had never had any such outing in all her days....all of this leading to a very scared kitty)

*got dad to open the door and let me into the car

*bob bounced all over the car before settling down to ride in the floor in the back

*called grandmother to unlock the apartment so that I would not scare the kitty by having to stop and open up the door before putting her down inside

*placed the cat down inside the apartment where she proceeded to run and hide underneath the bed

Since all of this excitement she has come out from under the bed a few times to check out the new place. I managed to get her into the living room for awhile and she seemed very troubled with hearing the funny ladies upstairs. After some coaxing and pulling I did manage to get her out of one of her many hiding places and into my lap for awhile. While I was really loving the time and snuggles from my kitty I knew that I had to get some work done. I tried putting her on the couch and getting my work done. Once I got up however she decided to go back into hiding and is currently under the couch. Oh well! Hopefully during the next couple of days she will chill out some and adjust to this move.
Here's a quick pic of my sweet (but spooked) kitty!

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