Friday, October 29, 2010

Our little blessing

Jeremiah Giese was born Saturday, October 23rd at 1:50 p.m. After a smooth pregnancy we hit a bump in the road medically in the last week where the doctors wanted to go ahead and deliver. We went in Saturday morning at 4 a.m. to be induced. We were all surprised at how quickly things went and our little miracle arrived just short of 10 hours into our visit. While his birth wasn't quite what we planned from the beginning it went smoothly and I could feel God's presence all throughout. All of the concerns they had for me medically are better and everything for Jeremiah looks good as well.

We are very much in love with our son! He is perfect with all fingers, toes, etc just as they should be. He has a very relaxed personality and we are enjoying every minute with him.
Here are a few pictures. More pictures to come.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

He's here!

Our sweet gift from the Lord arrived today at 1:50pm. I will post more information and pictures very soon. Right now I am going to collapse in this hospital bed while he sleeps. Praising Jesus for his many blessings and answered prayers today!

Friday, October 22, 2010

It's nearly go time!

Based on my lab work the doctor feels it would be best for us to go ahead and deliver our sweet one tomorrow morning. We will be heading to the hospital at 4 and will be getting things started from there. Sometime tomorrow we will hopefully have him in our arms.
Please pray for a safe and healthy delivery, a healthy baby, and for my lab work to return to normal. We value your prayers and thank God for each of you! We cannot wait to share our son with you. Thank you for praying for us during this pregnancy, God has been so faithful! We cannot wait to give him the glory for a safe delivery and a healthy baby!

What a week!

Well this last week has been quite an interesting one. Our social calendar has slowed down drastically and so I thought would the excitement, haha. I worried on Monday that our little guy wasnt moving enough and right before we called the doctor to see about getting things checked he started movin like crazy again and hasnt really stopped since. I'm with my mom on the fact that this won't be the first time my son will scare/worry us.
Aaron's work week has been very heavy this week as well. He has been working until 6 or later nearly every day. I am grateful that he has steady work during this time and that he works so very hard for our family!
We managed to have dinner with both sets of our parents this week. What a treat to have our families so close by. I love the close family connections and am glad that we will be able to offer those to our children.
The end of the week was certainly the most surprising part of our week. When going to the doctor this week they found some changes in my normally great numbers. As a result of these numbers we are looking at the possibility of meeting our son just a bit earlier than we thought. Even though this comes only days before our due date and is before any health issues would be come alarming it still comes as a surprise to us. My emotions processing this latest news have been all over the place. I know that the Lord my God has ultimate control but my flesh is screamin a different story. Praying for the peace of Christ to overwhelm us at this time.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Baby help/visits

We are blown away by the number of people who have already shown their love for us and our sweet little one. So many of you have asked about bringing meals or coming by to visit once he is born. We would LOVE to share our little one with each of you but would like to ask a few things. Please call/text us before coming to see that it is a good time and that we are not resting. Also if you have been sick recently (last 48-72 hours min) please wait before coming to see us.

To keep any one person from having to coordinate meals for us we are using a website ( to make sure that everyone who wants to provide a meal has the chance to do so. To log in you will need the ID code: 52218 and Security code: 7608. Please let us know if you have any questions or troubles logging in. When you log in you will be able to see the needs for each day and whether or not they have been filled. There is also information there about allergies, likes/dislikes, times etc. There is also a place for you to enter what you would be bringing to allow for a variety of meals.
We love you all and are very thankful for each of you! Thank you so much for everything you have already done and for the love and prayers we continue to feel during these last few days. We cannot wait to share our new little one with each of you!

Ping ponging back and forth, up and down...

The last couple of days have been a whirlwind. Friday was an awesome day at Chrysalis. I hated to not be involved for more of the weekend than we were able to this time but I am always glad to be able to go out and serve and be blessed by the community of Christ out there.

Saturday was the first day where I noticed that my energy levels are definitely on the flux. I slept late, ate lunch, took a nap, and then got ready for my cousin's wedding. You would think after all that sleep I would be good to go. Especially since the only thing I did was attend the wedding/reception. Crazy thing is I came home and went to bed early. This little one is certainly continuing to show us that life is changing.

Sunday was filled with church, lunch, hammock swinging, corn hole, and seeing sweet friends.

Our big projects have pretty much been completed. I am trying to fill my days with the little things I wanted to have done and resting up. My mind is going all over the place these days. I can tell my emotions/hormones are ping ponging back and forth. It is crazy what these last days of pregnancy can do to a woman. I am so ready to meet this little one!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Quick check in

So I'm laughin at myself tonight for not blogging anything for nearly a month now. I have a 36 week belly pic that I meant to post but obviously never got around to it. Things have been a bit crazy around here as we have rushed to get our last minute baby stuff together as well as complete other projects before he gets here. Not to mention all of the other commitments we had/have on us before our new arrival. While life has been very busy for us during this last month it has been a good busy (for the most part) and really is beginning to calm down. After this coming Saturday we dont have anything major planned until our little one gets here. Now I realize that is only a bit more than a week, if he comes on time, but for us not having anything planned for that long is a dream. I am looking forward to having a newborn not only to love and cherish but to keep us at home and not runnin around for just a bit. I'm sure that soon enough we will be back to a crazy enough pace.
A few realizations:
*We are so very very blessed. I am overwhelmed with God's provision.
*The end of pregnancy is tiring. Really tiring.
*I feel like a ping-pong ball most days. Ready to be not pregnant and then the next second almost mourning the end of this wonderful pregnancy. Yes, even at 38+ weeks I am still enjoying pregnancy.
*The human body is quite amazing!

On the baby news front. As of this afternoon when I went to the doctor I have dilated to an almost 2 and have a "very soft" cervix. Most of the time I still feel great all things considering. I am having more contractions and they are getting more frequent and stronger. My mind is still baffled by the fact that our little one will be here any time.

I am not even going to pretend to tell you that we will be updating every day with photos and info once he's here. I will simply do my best to share with our loved ones what I can. Love you all and can't wait to show you the newest member of our family.