Sunday, December 9, 2007


Whew! That seems to be the theme of my life lately. I haven't had a lot of spare time in the past couple of days. Things at school have been really busy and are seeming like they are going to stay that way until we get out for Christmas. I am hoping that I can get all of my lesson plans done for this week and next before I go to bed in a little bit. Somehow I'm doubting that it will happen, but here's to hoping right? Side note, the tacky orb has been removed from my front porch and placed at another location.
This afternoon I was invited to lunch by a family at church. Since I have been wanting to branch out with my friends lately I felt like this would be a perfect opportunity to build friendships with others. This particular family is one that I have had several interactions with over the past couple of weeks and one that I really like. They are really sweet, easy to talk to, and have three sweet girls! So our plan was to go to their new house and eat lunch. After some discussion we decided to go into Canton instead and hang out at an ice skating rink set up in the middle of town. As we got there we looked around and saw food, face painting, Santa, and a tent set up where kids could buy presents for their families. Since we were all hungry we chose to eat first then play. It was quite a trip getting food for all six of us and finding a dry place to sit down. We sat down on the edge of the ice "rink" (the rink was actually some type of hard white surface with a rubber border around it) and ate our lunch. It was fun to hang out and chat while watching the children play. There were several times when I wished I had my camera--their girls are too cute! To top it all off I was able to spend a good bit of time holding their youngest one(6 weeks old) J! I left a lot later than I planned, but feeling great after a wonderful day. While I'm not expecting them to be my best friends from here on out--it will be nice to see what God does. I'm looking forward to hanging out again with them some time in the future.
Guess I'd better finish up on my work. I have morning duty tomorrow at 7:25 (UGH!!)

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