Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thanksgiving thoughts

Today is Thanksgiving and I have been contemplating off and on all day what this holiday is about and trying to put into words all of the many things I have to be thankful for. I could in no way attempt to put them into words. Even through this difficult time in my life, God has been ever faithful to me, blessing me despite my flaws and unfaithfulness. I feel as if the last couple weeks I have been very withdrawn and selfish, hiding in my hole, unwilling to join in with the rest of the world. Things in my life have been very busy, but I have also been numb.
Today has been a wonderful day of family and food. Mom and I did a pretty good job of cooking for everyone (if I do say so myself). I really felt like Grandmother would have been proud of us. In fact I KNOW that she is proud of me!
Thank you so much (the few of you that do read this:)) for keeping me/us in your prayers these past few weeks. I am hoping that this continues to get easier, and that I will once again feel connected to the world around me. I would like to be blogging about "lighter" things and also have the time and energy to post some pictures as well.

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aaron said...

I concur! i thought it was a great thanksgiving.