Saturday, November 1, 2008

rambling updates

I apologize for the long wait on whether or not I made it through my last week of utter chaos. I will try not to lose sleep over the severe lack of inquiry into my status :). After many (and often late) hours and an unplanned extra day off, I finished my thesis!!!!!
Life since then has not slowed down as much as I really would have liked. In fact, it took me a few days before I mentally felt like I was finished and could relax and enjoy things. Guess that just goes to show how stressed and consumed I was.
I have enjoyed a night or two of simply sitting and enjoying life. It is nice to know that I can do the things I need to do and still have some time left over for the things that I want to do. I have caught up on some cleaning, though I still have more to do. I have also had a chance to read for pleasure! What a strange concept that has been!
Life at work has been anything but dull lately. I have had some trouble recently with parents and cannot seem to be tough enough for some but yet others are saying I'm too tough. This past week alone had so many ups and downs that I began to even doubt why I am in teaching at all. Fortunately I left school Friday with things being as good as they can be for now and feeling like I could enjoy my weekend. Please be in prayer for things at work to start looking up consistently.
And for those of you who are wondering how the wedding planning is going..........I have my dress!!! Unfortunately I cannot post pictures on here b/c the dear fiance does check the blog occasionally. If you need to see a pic before the big day then email me and I will be sure to send you a pic. So right now I am working on selecting bridesmaids dresses, and trying to nail down catering, photographers, and florists. It is easy for me to see how people can get so consumed by their weddings and others simply choose to elope.
Hopefully since my paper is finished I can start to update on a more regular basis.

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The Gieses said...

YEA for a finished thesis (and a snow delay - lucky)! Did you get my phone message? :) I want a picture of your dress, please. I can't wait to see it! I know it's beautiful!

Random...but where did you get Cooper's fleecy sleep sack? I want more of those - they are superbly warm and with long sleeves. Love ya bunches!!