Sunday, April 6, 2008


I will try to refrain from hassling any of you about not updating your blogs since I have not been the world's best about updating mine lately. That being said here are a few updates on what's been happening lately.

Aaron left for Russia on Friday, March 28th. Sad day.
Fortunately for me, I have a wonderful and loving God who is watching out for me and my needs. He knows that I need lots of loving and distractions to get myself through this month without my love. I have spent many days with Brandon, Jennifer and their girls as well as many calls/visits from my family. Some people have even come out of the woodwork so to speak and have offered their assistance. The surprising thing to me is that I have not really been dependent on all of this extra emotional support. I do not deal well with not being able to see and/or talk to my love and this trip is no exception. However I have done ok so far. I have only cried once (his birthday). He also brought the Turner kiddos up to help distract me this week!

I was blessed by a wonderful and unexpected phone call from Aaron yesterday. I was glad more than anything to hear his voice and also to hear that he has been doing well and having fun. I miss him SO very much!!!!

Other notes:
**This is my last week of teaching until Spring Break! Wahoo!!
**The Turner kiddos are up for the week! Hooray for some cool kiddo fun!
**Sometime soon God is gonna rock this world with a new Giese!

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