Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Birthday and Easter rolled all in one...

What an amazing couple of days it has been! Friday was my 25th birthday and it was also Good Friday. I slept in, cleaned up for Grandmother, and then headed off to eat lunch with Brandon, Jennifer and my girls. On my way I thought that I could stop at the DMV and renew my license--an easier task if they were open! So with that task on hold I was off to a wonderful time of fun and fellowship. After eating we dyed eggs (a new one for me on my birthday!) and then went shopping before I went to meet Mom and Wanda for the Casting Crowns concert. I had a great time getting numerous messages and calls from friends and family and enjoying a wonderful night of worshiping my Lord!!
Saturday we continued the birthday celebration as Aaron's mom came over to meet us for lunch and gift exchange. We had a lovely time and each came away with several nice gifts. Aaron and I had a lot of fun playing Mario Party 8 (his birthday gift from me).
Sunday was a busy day. We got up early to go to church since I wanted to be able to attend service on Easter as well as help out in the nursery if needed. After church we went over to help Mom break her fast at Cracker Barrel. There was a short break where we were able to come home, pick up a bit, and visit with Matt, April and Justin before heading off to my grandparents to celebrate Easter and my grandfather's birthday. After hanging out with family for a couple of hours we headed up to my parents house to play Guilliotine.
Unfortunately I do not have any pictures from the weekend really. I was horrible about forgetting to carry my camera with me. Tomorrow I am going out to eat with my grandmother and Milner to celebrate my birthday. I love spreading out and extending the love!

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