Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Many updates!

I cannot believe it has been nearly a month since I last posted. The last couple of weeks in December were very hectic and mentally draining. I was not sad to see them go at all--well that was until I realized Christmas was upon me and I had not even taken the time to enjoy the season. I am grateful that my next Christmas season will not be filled with enormous amounts of grad school homework. I may not be free of the hectic nature of an elementary classroom before Christmas but to be free of the added stress of my own homework will be wonderful!!!

Christmas went really well. I took the days between school and Christmas to mentally unwind--I could not believe how fried I was. Aaron and I spent time with both families over a time span of about 4 days. It was great seeing (nearly) everyone and being able to spend time hanging out. Over the break I spent a lot of time sleeping as well as playing games with family. Aaron and I have been able to spend a lot of time together which has been wonderful. It has been interesting to see how things will go when we are spending all of our time together. Overall I have realized how much I love spending time with him and how sad I am going to be in 5 days when he has to go back to Fayetteville.

Today I was blessed with an additional day off! It snowed last night and we were given a workday. Although I need to be working in my classroom in a major bad way I also needed to get things done around my apartment and wanted desperately to spend time with Aaron. I didn't feel too badly about taking the day off since it was about 15 degrees outside and the roads were not uncovered until nearly noon.

Alas, I am back to doing work and hanging out with my sweetie. Hopefully more to post later!

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