Monday, January 21, 2008


Today has been neither horrible nor great. I had a very unproductive day at work (well until the very end of it), as well as a few other things. While talking to mom about some of the stuff that came up during the day I simply started to cry. I dont know if I was really feeling that overwhelmed or if something else was going on...afterwards I felt silly. Now my head hurts and I am still feeling very behind on work. I cannot wait to get out of grad school for that very reason. I cannot stand being behind or feeling like I am behind on my work. I am a list maker, a productive go to it kind of gal. I am going to need the prayers of all of my family and friends to get me through this last couple of months.
For now I am going to hop off of here and get to that enormous mound of a to do list!

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