Sunday, January 6, 2008

Happy Birthday!

Today was my mother's birthday! Fortunately for me I was able to get enough of my work done last week (with the help of 3 workdays) where I didnt have to spend today working on lesson plans. Since most of my work was finished I was able to sit back and enjoy the day. All except for the part where Aaron had to leave and go back to Fayetteville.
We started off the day at church. Today's message was really great. The church is starting a 21 day fast and while I've not really been a great fan of fasting in the past I can see the spiritual benefits of doing it and am seeking for God to tell me where I fit within this fast. More on this to come...
After church we decided to go eat lunch in Asheville and then go to a movie as further celebration of Mom's big day. Lunch at Olive Garden was yummy! It was so wonderful to sit around and enjoy family. We had some interesting conversations and laughed very hard several times! Once we got to the movie theater we split up and the guys went to see a guy movie while mom and I went to see PS I love you. I cried my way through a good portion of the movie (not like me usually--mom's the one that always cries). While the movie was great it probably was not the best one to see right before Aaron left town.
The rest of the evening has been rather anti-climatic. On the way out of Asheville we stopped and got ice cream at Marble Slab (yum again!). Since I've been home I have not done a thing. Sad since I have sooo much to do and know that tomorrow will hit with all of the power of a Monday!

Well I'm leaving it all for tomorrow. God's blessings to all and Happy Birthday MOM!