Wednesday, February 11, 2009


While I am at school I have only a few options of the sites I normally visit that will make it through the insane firewall here. So why am I able to get on today? Who knows! But hey, I am and for that I'm excited. :) I have only a few quick moments before my kids come back from P.E. all sweaty and stinky. Just enough time for a mini (and really random) update on what I've been up to. Life has been very busy. Things at work are going better right now. I am finally finishing up with conferences (thank you snow) and moving onto more exciting things with my free time. This past weekend we celebrated my little friend Deseray's birthday. Ah to be 7 again. Since it was in the low/mid 60's we were able to celebrate outside at the lake. Aaron and I only have one semi free evening this week, which is fun but also very tiring. Tonight is our new life group--Fireproof your marriage. This study is based on the movie Fireproof and hopefully will give us a lot of wonderful advice to starting off our marriage on the right foot with Christ as the head.
Well...thats all the time I have for now. Sorry for the scatterbrained randomness of this post!

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Aaron said...

it has been a crazy week. lets slow down the next one.