Wednesday, February 25, 2009

continuing to learn life's lessons...

Much of my life lately has involved teaching. Now that may sound a bit dumb since my job is teaching first graders. But I am learning that often I am being the one taught and not always the one teaching. Through many different circumstances Christ is showing me that I am not in control (hard to believe I know...). The lesson continues with one of conviction and humbleness, two less than easy pills to swallow.
While I dont want to go into things on the web. I am grateful for the prayers of those that I love and also for the fact that Christ is in control of my life. I am learning to daily, moment by moment, lay everything before Him.
I am blessed. So very blessed to be loved by an Almighty Savior and some amazing family and friends.
Keep praying friends, this journey is not over.
And please let me know if there is any way I can pray for you.
Love and blessings!

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