Wednesday, February 4, 2009

hangin with mr. cooper!!

A couple of weekends ago I was blessed with the opportunity to go down to Winston and visit with some of my favorite people. I left that Saturday morning and drove down the mountain. The main reason for that visit was not to spend time with my bestest friend but to spend time with the most wonderful nephew one could have!
Awhile back I mentioned to Sean and Christal that I would love to come down and stay with Cooper one night so that they could go out on a date with each other. As I talked more and more with Christal, defining plans I could tell how excited they were for the opportunity. While I know that they genuinely appreciated the offer and were excited by it, it was I who received the blessing. I LOVED having the opportunity to love on them and spend time with the ever adorable and heart stealing Cooper man.
While Sean and Christal went on their progressive date I spent precious time with Cooper, soaking in all of his sweet smiles and new developments. We ate, sang, played, read stories, and simply enjoyed each other. I was so blessed to have the opportunity to spend time with him. To be trusted with his care. After he fell asleep I spent a few moments watching him sleep and thanking God for the blessing of such a sweet young man.
The rest of the weekend was filled with wonderful Giese conversations and some Abby time!
I cannot even begin to express what a blessing this trip was for me!!! I loved having the opportunity to love on those that I love. Ain't God good?!

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Team Martins said...

Amen! So glad you had that chance... sounds like the Gieses are blessed to have you and you blessed to have them! Just how family should be.

As I read about all your teacher stuff, I am flooded with memories... the joy, the exhaustion, it all! Keep making a difference with your kiddos! :)