Monday, May 12, 2008

a quick sleepy update

Please be in prayer friends for my allergies right now. My head feels as if it is swimming. The pressure is unreal. I wish I could take the day off tomorrow to rest up and get ready but my assistant's daughter is having fairly major surgery tomorrow and I don't feel that both of us can be out right now. At least not as unprepared for a sub as I currently am.

On other notes. I greatly appreciate the prayers of all for this past weekend. We had a good weekend with safe travels. It was wonderful to be able to celebrate Sean's graduation and spend time with everyone. I also had a wonderful Mother's Day with my own mother and grandmothers. Sometimes God just blesses my socks off. I wish I had great photos from Mother's day, but I was starting to struggle with my allergies at that point and was just not motivated. (Sorry this is so head really is not on right tonight).

And what would a post be without a few pictures of my adorable nephew.

He holds a piece of my heart!

Such a beautiful family!

Christal, Sean, and Cooper

Brothers (and Cooper!)

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Aaron said...

It was such a good weekend and those are some great pics. I like the one of cooper just holding on to you. i think he does hold a BIG piece of your heart.