Tuesday, March 11, 2008

my girls!

I have been so very blessed to have three of the sweetest girls in my life lately! This past weekend I was able to keep all three of them for the entire weekend. What a joy! I had such a great time hanging out and watching them.
We spent Friday night hanging out on the couch and just simply enjoying each other. Saturday was a very relaxing morning but also very enjoyable. D was feeling better after a bellyache Friday night and as a result was a lot more fun. After some time hanging out around the apartment I felt the desire to get out of the house and do something. Since it was not snowing like the weather people called for I decided we would drive to Fun Depot for a birthday party. All three of the girls fell asleep on the way over and let me tell you--they were sooooo cute!! I hated to wake them up but also didnt want D to miss out on the party. We unloaded and had a great time playing. The girls are so well behaved generally and Saturday was no different. After playing a couple of hours we came back, went by the grocery store, and then came back to my apartment to have a slumber party. We made pizza, watched another "Princess" movie and painted toenails.
Sunday was another great day of fun. I took the girls to church where I was able to drop them off and go to service. When we finished up we came back to the apartment, ate lunch, and then went down to feed the ducks. The girls were a hoot! It was so exciting to be a part of watching them experience something new. Every little piece of bread thrown was fun and exciting. Even after the last piece of bread was thrown the girls wanted to hang out and watch the ducks.
I was sad later that day to see them go home. And can honestly say I have missed them since!
Hopefully we will be able to spend some time together this week:)


Anonymous said...

If you have never heard of or tried a crabby patty, you need to. Its a fav snack of the girls.

Aaron said...

I'm glad you had soo much fun with the girls. It sounds like a very girlie weekend. Too bad i couldnt have been there to participate in the painting of the toe nails. I love you and I hope you are getting much accomplished on your thesis.

Jace said...

People should read this.