Sunday, March 16, 2008

thesis day two and more

Well thesis day two turned out to be more productive than the first day. I got up pretty much when planned and got to work around the time I had planned. I did take a few short naps on the couch before really buckling down to work. I managed to make a plan for my research and hope to be able to stick to it over the next couple of weeks/months.
On other notes this weekend totally rocked and was full of rest and fun! I spent Saturday hanging out with my mom and Wanda. My "quick" trip to Target turned into an eight hour jaunt! Overall the afternoon and evening turned out to be very fun and relaxing. I really enjoyed getting to spend time with Wanda and my mom after several weeks of not seeing either one of them hardly at all.
Today was a beautiful day! Although it was chilly it was very sunny and beautiful. I went to church and then over to Brandon and Jennifers to eat and hang out. We ended up leaving the girls with other people and helping another family paint their house. After we painted we went to the lake and walked. has been a LONG time since I've walked around the lake. Haha! But everyone should be proud. I made it around the lake with a child strapped on with only two little blisters on my feet.
Ok, as much as I'd love to offer up more of the juicy details of my life I must now leave you to go and get ready for the day back at school tomorrow.

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