Wednesday, February 6, 2008

thoughts, ramblings, and a bit of conviction

While it is only Wednesday it has been a very long week all the same. I had a workshop and a somewhat productive day on Monday. That night I was able to spend some time with my sweet Espinosa girls. They were super fun to play with and behaved so much better than in other times I have been with them. After I put the girls to bed I received a phone call from my assistant letting me know that she was sick and would be out for at least two days! Not exactly what I wanted to hear. I quickly rearranged my plans to accomodate and went to bed in plenty of time to ensure that I could get to school on time and have enough energy to deal with my kiddos on my own. Tuesday went okay schoolwise and after tutoring I rushed home to rake leaves out of the ivy and flowerbeds for Grandmother. I only raked for an hour...but was very tired afterwards. Although I did not get even half of my to-do list completed I still felt okay with what I did manage to complete.
Today has not been such a wonderful day with my kiddos. They have tried everything they can to do anything but follow directions. I blame the weather!
This evening after tutoring I am hoping to head home and get to work on my overwhelming and unescapable to-do list. Hopefully I can get a good start on some housekeeping tasks and also on my work for both school and grad school.
As always prayers are appreciated!

As for convictions....while I am not the world's most consistent blogger I am a regular blog checker. I love to check on the blogs I read, many of whom I do not even know. In reading some of these blogs I have been convicted lately of my lack of blogging about the things that really matter the most. Far too often I feel like my blog has become an extention of my to-do list and/or a place to vent all of my frustrations. While neither of these two things are wrong I have come to realize that even they need to be done in moderation and along side with other elements of my life. I am not promising a complete change or overhaul of my blog. I do not know yet exactly where I want these thoughts to take me. I do however know that somehow and someway I need some change (for the better) in my life.

side note: I want to post more pictures....anyone wanna hold me to that?

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