Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Today has been marked for nearly two weeks now as Thesis Day. I planned to take off from school (before I knew it was going to snow) and spend the day working on my thesis. While I have been avoiding my thesis for awhile I also knew that I really needed to get some work done b/c I was starting to get really stressed over not getting anything done.
Since the weather was snowy outside I decided that I would not drive anywhere to work. (1st mistake--esp. since the roads were not bad AT ALL).
I slept about an hour later than I planned, ate a leisurely breakfast, watched some tv, chatted on the phone, and THEN sat down to work on my thesis. Not a good start for my "work day".
Once I actually got to work I sat for what seemed like hours and had nothing to show for it. Many of the articles that looked like they would fit my topic but could not seem to be found on any database. I cannot express how very frustrating this was. At one point I called my parents and ended up talking to my brother who tried his best to help me and agreed to help me when I got to the writing phase of this project.
Overall I realized that I am tired of my thesis and I have hardly gotten started :-/

On other notes,
I am very thankful for the wonderful snow and supportive friends and family I have in my life. If it were not for those blessings I would not be able to do all that I do. In all of my frustrations earlier God convicted me of all the blessings I was ignoring. Probably the biggest one of all was the very thing I was complaining about--the opportunity to get an education, to further myself.

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