Friday, February 8, 2008


Last night brought many kinds of relief. Relief that the week was almost over. Relief that this next graduate class was not going to be an insane amount of work. And probably the biggest relief of all--insight into my thesis topic!!!!! I cannot tell you of the amazing rest, peace, and joy my body felt after talking with my professor and deciding upon a thesis topic (basically its a twist on my old one that I liked!). I very much feel like a huge weight has been lifted off of my shoulders. I am no longer dreading doing research and putting together a plan for weaving this into my instruction at school. Wow--God is good!!!
On other notes.
This afternoon is my friend D's 6th birthday. Through a mix of conversations and a new-found friendship I am going to go attend and probably help with her birthday. I am excited to help her celebrate and am looking forward to continuing to develop those friendships. Not to mention--kids just rock my socks!
At some point during the afternoon/evening my most wonderful friend and former roommate will be coming for a visit. While she is not coming entirely just to see me I am excited about getting to see her and spend time with her. At this point we have no real plans. All I have to say is watch out world because my sister and I are going to be on the loose together!

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