Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Worn out!

I came home from school today completely worn out. My body was unable to do anything more than make it to the couch. Once I made it to the couch I fell fast asleep...so hard that I did in fact dream! Even now I sit here nearly unable to do anything. My body still seems so worn out!
This week is one of the first in many that I do not have study group during the week. I cannot tell you how wonderful it is to have my evenings back. I have been able to watch tv and not feel guilty, to do school work in bits and pieces-not all in one night, life has simply been grand! I am looking forward to next week when I get yet another week without a study group session. I am very glad that we are now a bit more than halfway through this program. Although I have made it this far it is hard for me to realize that I can make it through the next half of this program as well. I am so tired of being in school ALL the time. It is much more difficult than I thought to teach school all day and then go to school at night. Even when it is only going 1-2 nights a week. The extra work from both make it nearly impossible to have any time to myself.
I will be so very grateful when this season of my life is over!
Well I guess I need to quit venting and move onto cleaning, grading, planning, and crosstitching!

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