Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Crazy children

Ok! I know my job as a teacher is not an easy one but the past few days have been absolutely nuts! The class I have this year is very challenging. Not only do they talk ALL the time, but they have a host of other weird things they do on a daily basis--chewing (clothes, shoe strings, etc), sucking on any combination of fingers, yelling across the room, growling,
So anyways, on top of the talking and other weird things, I have a few students who are just so impossibly low that I dont know what to do with them. Neither one of them will do anything without my assistant or myself standing there helping them. It is so frustrating because I cant be right by their sides all day long. And when I spend too much time with them I feel like I am neglecting my other students. Far too often in the past few days my assistant has had to complete activities with my class so that I may spend time PULLING stuff out of my two low functioning children (one in particular).
I am so frustrated and know that this is part of the reason that I am feeling so drained right now.
Any suggestions?


Anna Turner said...

hmmm.. I know exactly how you feel. i feel like i have to "pull" information, work, effort, etc. out of at least half of all the students in each of my five classes. whoooo i will be glad when this year is over and i'm sure you will be too.

love ya and qwack

Anonymous said...

Shoot em'!!! ~Arn