Saturday, September 29, 2007


The past two weeks has been nothing but crazyiness! There was not a night in all of it that I did not have something to do. Quick recap of the last two weeks: Open House at school, several grad school study group sessions and classes, lots of homework, lesson plans, morning duty, braves game, dad's birthday, my assistant's family getting sick causing her to be out several days---just to name a few. I am hoping that with this weekend here finally that life will start to calm down for me a bit. I love the fall and cannot imagine wasting it by being too busy.
The trip down to Atlanta to celebrate dad's birthday and see a Braves game was a lot of fun! Aaron and I were able to ride down and back together, which was good since it had been weeks since I saw him last. It also allowed me to be away from the drama that my family sometimes brings. I love driving so a longer car trip was great! Both the drive down and back were beautiful!! It was the first weekend of fall and it really lived up to it! Even the game was great! The Braves won!! First time in all of the many games we had been to that my dad had been able to watch them win. After the game we all went to see Transformers on IMAX---note to all Transformers is a boy movie!
Having morning duty this week almost killed me! All of those who know me know I dont do mornings--and to top it all off I had to be at school at 7:25!! There is something about having morning duty that just throws your entire day off. I have come to the conclusion that morning duty is the spawn of Satan!
Well for now I am going to get off of here and go shower since Abby and I are heading to the Dixie Classic Fair! I am so grateful for the chance to spend time with her! (and also to continue our tradition of attending the fair!)


Anna Turner said...

I have had a lot of craziness myself lately-- not that I have all the exciting events you seem to have had, but lets just say these new students of mine are a challenge which is putting it nicely and mildly. I have discovered within the last two weeks that many of my students (15+ years old) cannot multiply by 100 in their head!

Anna Turner said...

you should change your blog to allow public comments other wise people cant post w/out a google account. anyway, IM or call me sometime. love ya.