Saturday, September 8, 2007


Today I was blessed by the visit of two of my sweet friends M & B! We had a great visit full of "old time" fun. We spent the day playing on the playground, visiting an old fashioned toy store, enjoying a happy meal, and feeding the ducks. It was wonderful to stop and enjoy the simple everyday parts of life. I was glad to spend the day with children who were not consumed with the more, more, more mentality but were content to just hang out and enjoy life. I was blessed with many spontaneous "i love you's" and kisses. It is so wondeful to be loved unconditionally!! These children have such a special way of touching my heart. I have always been close to M & B and am always grateful for the opportunity to see them. I love that their parents trust them to my care and allow me to take them for periods of time. What an enormous blessing!
It is amazing how God works in my life. Just a few days ago I was so down in the dumps that I could not seem to stop crying and today seemed to be nearly a complete turn around. The sun was shining and I could not help but see God's hand in every part of my day. I am so thankful for my Savior who loves me!!!

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