Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The third trimester...

We are officially here. The third and final trimester before this little guy makes his arrival into our lives. We have been so blessed to have good health and an overall easy pregnancy. I know that for the most part I have LOVED being pregnant. I love feeling all of his rolling around, kicking and jabbing. Even the occasional back pain and rib pain have been tolerable. It is still hard to wrap our minds around the fact that in around 9 weeks there will be another member of our family.
I read a blog post today about cherising the times when your children are small because you won't ever get them back. I have often thought about that concept as I look at life and especially now that we are getting ready to have a child. It hit me today as I read that post however that it also applies to my pregnancy. Since the beginning one of my prayer requests was that I would be able to enjoy pregnancy, both the good and the bad and to be joyful in it. I pray that others have seen that in this pregnancy as I know we have felt it. We truly have enjoyed this process. We love looking at the updates each week letting us know how our little one is growing and developing.
We are halfway through with our childbirth classes. Several people have asked us why we are taking them with Aaron's medical knowledge of the birthing process and my knowledge of children but I can honestly say that we have both enjoyed and gained quite a bit from the classes. It has been nice to learn new breathing and coping strategies as well as other ways to manage labor. The classes have also been a great starting place for us into discussions of what we want during labor and while we are in the hospital. Next week's class includes the hospital tour which I know we will both find useful. I know that will make things that much more real for us as well.
We love and appreciate all of the prayers our friends and family have offered up on our behalf. What a humbling experience to have so many people praying not just for you but for your child. I am blown away by the number of people that are as excited as we are about this little one and cant wait to meet him. God is so very good! If there is this much love for our child who is not even here yet, how can you truly wrap your mind around the love He has for each of us?

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