Saturday, July 31, 2010

Lovely day

Today has been such a fun day! When we woke up today the only thing we had on the agenda was to go downtown to the Folkmoot International day festival. Folkmoot is a wonderful international festival that takes place in Waynesville every summer. I love getting to go and see the different countries and enjoy their music, dance and costumes. I love watching how open and friendly people are. Things looked great when we got there today, outside of the lack of parking. It was slightly overcast and there were a lot of great food and craft vendors set up. We had a blast walking around looking at everything. We were able to watch France dance/sing before the rain really started to come down. What looked like a great overcast day quickly turned into a very rainy one. We hated to only get to see one group but we knew they wouldnt be able to perform in the rain. Since we were already wet we continued to look around at the crafts buying a few Christmas gifts and then started the trek back to the car.
Once we got home and dried off we each curled up with a book. I flipped around and found out the Braves game was on, something that just doesnt happen at our house. What a lovely day~my husband, good books, a nap, and a Braves game :)
It has been nice to have such a relaxing day with my sweetie.

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