Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Originally titled 28 weeks, reality is 33 weeks

28 weeks
Here is our 28 week belly shot. I appologize for just now getting it posted. We will continue to do belly shots at least once a month up until the end. I might go to more frequent shots later on if I notice more change but then again who knows.
32 weeks
The 32 week belly shot. I am quite amused by the fact that it has taken me over a month to put up our last pic. and to get this post up. Life continues to be wonderful. We have now finished our childbirth classes and are approaching our final baby showers. Only 7-9 weeks left until we meet our little guy. I am still enjoying being pregnant. I have moments where I am anxious to meet him and hold him and then I realize just how much I am enjoying feeling him roll and kick inside and know that I cant replicate that once he's here. Just yesterday at church I was thanking God for answering my prayers and giving me an enjoyable pregnancy~we have been so blessed and are so thankful!
I have also had people ask if we are going to post pictures of his nursery and to be honest I'm not sure. Probably we will but that all depends on when we get some things done in there and how things are coming along with it. For several months now we have had his crib, dresser, and glider in the room along with the guest bed which is staying in there. There have also been other projects of ours hanging out in there from time to time. I am eager for those other projects to be completed or find other homes.

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