Sunday, September 26, 2010


Many times lately I have been asked if I am tired. Am I tired of being pregnant? Do I tire easily? Am I tired of standing? Etc, etc, etc.
Overall I am doing well. I feel good. Great most days :) I sleep well at least 5-6 nights a week and am blessed to be able to rest frequently during most of my days. So when people ask me if I'm tired I can for the most part on most days say no. Most days I'm doing well. I do have more moments where I wear out more easily. I certainly cannot do all of the things I used to squeeze into a day right now. Since I am blessed to be at home right now I have the ability to take it easy and rest when I need to. Life continues to be fairly busy. We have a lot going on for my family right now and that is keeping me pretty busy. I'm glad for most of the busyness since it keeps my mind somewhat distracted as we wait for our little one. With each day I am growing more and more eager to meet our little one. Only about four more weeks now. All in God's timing.

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