Thursday, August 27, 2009

Two weeks and two days, 16 days, 384 hours

...................until our wedding day!!!!!!
While the big day is quickly approaching my to do list is ever growing! I am amazed at how many things are still left to be done. When I lay down at night my mind is usually racing with all of the things that are left to be taken care of. I have stayed up WAY too late over the last couple of weeks looking at bridal bouquets, picking out pictures/songs, emailing various people involved, writing thank you notes, etc.
I can understand why I have heard so many brides say they are ready for the whole process to be over and that they just want to be married.
Throughout the last year I have really tried hard to enjoy the process of planning a wedding. I dont want to wish certain seasons of my life away. I dont want to live each season wishing for the next. I want to (as much as possible) enjoy planning a special day to celebrate our wedding with family and friends. I want to be honest when I tell people I'm excited about the wedding, excited to be getting married. I am excited to be getting married! We have waited a LONG time for this special day!
I am very excited to see everyone who is coming to join us for our special day. I cant wait to all of the things we have been planning over the last couple of months come into realization. I cant wait to be married :)

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