Saturday, March 28, 2009

Carrying a heavy load

For many reasons I have kept one of the biggest sources of stress off of my blog over the last couple of months. I am now getting closer towards the answer that will either determine the end of this stress or send me into a whole world of unknowns. Today as I write I am asking for prayers.
Please pray for:
*Those making this decision
*My stress levels--may they not be too high nor may the impact on the rest of my body continue
*That God will prepare me for whatever the future holds and make me ok with the decision made.
**That God will grant me the desire of my heart--concerning this situation. He knows what it is I am asking for.

I will admit friends, I am scared. I am struggling with letting go and letting God. While I know I have no control over the situation I still struggle with what the outcome might be. This next week is going to be a stressful one for sure.

On top of my own struggles and stress this coming Sunday a parent at my school is taking her daughter who has battled with cancer for just over a year off of life support. This mother lost her parents, grandparents, and baby sister to a horrible tragedy almost 10 years ago; then lost her house in the floods several years ago and is now having to let her first born go be with the Lord. Please pray for this family as they let this little one go from this earth. Also, please pray for our school community as we process this loss as well.


The Goodman Family said...

It was soooo good to see you tonight, even though it was only for a few minutes! We are praying for you this week! Love you!

Aaron said...

I love you sweetie and here for you anyway i can.