Saturday, March 21, 2009


In honor of turning 26 today I thought I would post 26 things you may not know about me or might just find interesting.

1) I once lived in a purple palace.
2) The word phlebotomist makes my skin crawl. I don't really like their job either since I hate needles.
3) I cant stand Sprite or Seven Up, reminds me of being sick when I was little.
4) I have a female cat named Bob.
5) I am obsessed with list making, specifically to do lists.
6) I have also become addicted to blog reading though I stink at updating my own.
7) I love to have my toes painted but only like my fingers done if they are done professionally.
8) I have nicknames for almost everyone I love.
9) If there were benefits involved I would run an in home daycare so I could play with little ones all day, every day.
10) Happy Hour at Sonic really does make my day!
11) I have several OCD issues, most of them relate to cleanliness and all of them involve my own stuff not other peoples.
12) I still get excited like a little kid over my birthday every year. I love to celebrate, hear from those that I love, and eat birthday cake w/buttercream icing!
13) I love to travel, especially with friends and family.
14) I miss my grandmother more with every passing day.
15) I am horrible about deleting emails, right now I have nearly 800 in my inbox.
16) I love to cross stitch, and crochet though I never seem to find the time to do either of them.
17) I would love a digital SLR camera.
18) I can walk on my knees.
19) I didnt get my drivers license until I was 19, and after my freshman year of college.
20) I have been to 9 different countries, a few of them more than once.
21) Sweettarts are my absolute favorite candy, especially the Chicks, Ducks, and Bunnies.
22) I have donated my hair 7 times now. I plan on donating at least 3 more times, probably more.
23) I read really quickly and have been known to finish an entire book in a day or two.
24) I love to swing.
25) I have been a Mountaineer since the sixth grade.
26) I am getting into healthy eating, but draw the line at soy milk and tofu.

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