Tuesday, January 20, 2009

days off

So far this week I have had two days off (without children). Tomorrow is another teacher workday. While not all of my coworkers are excited about the time off I am thankful for the time my Lord has provided me with to not only rest but also get caught up on paperwork before our report cards go out next week. I do have a few assessments to finish up during the next few days but I feel certain that all things will be accomplished in time.
And until then I am enjoying the extra snuggle time with my hunny! I hope that you and yours have enjoyed the recent weather and stayed warm.

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friendbrooke said...

Yea for snow days! Friend...you need to link my blog to yours...friendbrooke.blogspot.com! check it out! Love you and hope everything is going well. Would love to hear all about those wedding plans!