Tuesday, August 12, 2008

steven curtis chapman & the biltmore house

Well I had hoped to write out a lovely post full of all sorts of information about my visit with Abby and our trip to see the Biltmore House and Steven Curtis Chapman however, I cannot seem to find time to do so. So for now my dear friends you will have to make do with some pictures from the day and the knowledge that life is still very busy for me. I would appreciate any and all prayers as I strive very hard to finish my thesis, start back to work, and be there for my grandmother and family. Only a few more weeks of this absolute craziness!

I had a lot of fun taking pictures of the flowers! The photo of me holding a flower was taken because "George" the bee was sitting inside of it. :)

After singing his first song, Steven gave us all "permission" to stand up and take pictures of the beautiful sunset God created that night. It truly was amazing to experience the first ever Christian concert there at the Biltmore House looking out over all of God's wonderful creation.

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