Monday, October 3, 2011

20 days

Time doesn't stand still.  Sometimes we want it to and other times we wish it went faster.  Any way you look at it it doesn't stand still.  In twenty days (actually 19 now since I'm writing so late) my sweet little boy will turn one.  A whole year old.  365 days of life with him.  What a blessing every single day/moment has been.  I will always cherish October 23, 2010 the day I became a mother.  I thank God nightly as I go in to pray over his sweet growing self for the blessing of being his mom.  For trusting this sweet child to us. 
We are busy with preparations to go to the beach and to celebrate our sweet boy's first year.  Life is full of blessings.  Too many to count, thank you Lord!!
For now I will enjoy the next 20 days.  Holding tight to my baby, before he officially becomes a toddler.  Time flies too fast...

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