Friday, October 22, 2010

What a week!

Well this last week has been quite an interesting one. Our social calendar has slowed down drastically and so I thought would the excitement, haha. I worried on Monday that our little guy wasnt moving enough and right before we called the doctor to see about getting things checked he started movin like crazy again and hasnt really stopped since. I'm with my mom on the fact that this won't be the first time my son will scare/worry us.
Aaron's work week has been very heavy this week as well. He has been working until 6 or later nearly every day. I am grateful that he has steady work during this time and that he works so very hard for our family!
We managed to have dinner with both sets of our parents this week. What a treat to have our families so close by. I love the close family connections and am glad that we will be able to offer those to our children.
The end of the week was certainly the most surprising part of our week. When going to the doctor this week they found some changes in my normally great numbers. As a result of these numbers we are looking at the possibility of meeting our son just a bit earlier than we thought. Even though this comes only days before our due date and is before any health issues would be come alarming it still comes as a surprise to us. My emotions processing this latest news have been all over the place. I know that the Lord my God has ultimate control but my flesh is screamin a different story. Praying for the peace of Christ to overwhelm us at this time.

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