Monday, February 15, 2010

With growing joy and excitement....

we bring you our exciting news..............we're pregnant!!

I had suspicions and decided to take a test even though it was probably a bit early. Within a minute or so the test very clearly read pregnant. Even though I knew it was a very real possibility I was surprised. I looked at it over and over saying to myself...really? I even went so far as to go back and look at the test several times throughout the morning. As the day went on I realized just how excited I was and how much I love our little one already!

Aaron came home from the office for lunch and I had waiting on his computer an "I love Daddy" bib. When he saw it, he looked at it and quickly realized its meaning. He had a few moments of surprise and realization and ended with great joy.

We are both still processing this news and are excited about the changes that are coming!

We have now told most of our families so I thought I would take a moment and post our news on here :)


Simply Cintia said...

Congratulations Mama!

almost five said...

Wow! Congratulations!

Hey, if you'd like to continue to read our blog now that it's gone private... just shoot me your e-mail address.

Blessings to you and Aaron!

The Gieses said...

We love all THREE of you!