Monday, June 8, 2009


Tonight while I should be working on a number of things (nevermind it is after 12 already and I have to "teach" school tomorrow, possibly without an assistant, I feel the need to post.
For days now I have looked at my blog and felt like I should update so that people can read and discover that I have accomplished many things off of the ol to do list found in the last post. But I never could seem to find the energy. This past month (well year to be more precise) has been simply exhausting. Never in my rather young life have I felt so drained day after day. While I could go on and on tonight I simply come to you broken.
I am broken over what has happened in my life this year. As I started to pack up my professional life yesterday, I opened the first cabinet and sat staring. Then I began to cry. I was so frustrated and overwhelmed with all that I had to do and the little amount of time in which to do it. I was also frustrated with the ending or perhaps delaying of a dream I have carried in my heart for nearly my entire life. Even as I sit here typing all of this out the tears roll down my face. I am broken friends. I do not know where God is driving this crazy train I am on and sometimes I even wonder if I want to continue the ride.
This week is turning out to be so much harder than I ever imagined it to be--and it's only Monday.
Please pray for me over the coming weeks and months. I am trusting that the Lord will show me His will and point me in the direction I am to go. I am also trusting that He will restore peace and joy in my life.


Cintia EUA said...

I feel you girl friend. You can count on my prayers. Much beauty will come out of all of this, that's what I believe. Joy does come in the morning, I'm a witness. Love, Cintia

The Gieses said...

Sleep well my friend, God has something great in store. Love from Winston-Salem to you!